Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hunter's prayer

since he was introduced to the concept of his papa dying... Hunter has been a prayer warrior for his papa.He prays for him every night before bed and at most dinner times. his prayers often go like this. "dear God please help my papa. Please help is brain to get better. i know you know the perfect amount of days that papa has, and that he may die with medicine or without, but God i ask that you please help him get better." the exact words might be arranged differently, but those main elements are always there. Today we had some mommy/ hunter time at Carls Junior and i was telling him that i talked with daebo today, and he asked if i talked with papa. I told him no, that papa was sleeping when i called. But that he was doing a bit better yesterday and that he was less confused. i also told him that he was eating better, at least in the morning and at lunch... but that at night he is still real tired. He looked straight at me and said."praise the Lord".... then he pointed to the sky and said " it is HIS works. God did this. I have prayed for papa to feel better and God has let it happen." Amen, for Papa's "neat kid" ... his little Hunter-man....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

well as you can see i am so busy i haven't posted here since 2007....
makes me a bit slow at writing things on the computer.... i will endeavor to become better at this.

Since 2007... Jeremiah has turned 2... and that time has just flown by. Evan is about to turn 15 and i think he has plans for driving. ( all i can say about that is ... i feel old.) Tayler is 13 and every bit a young woman. Hunter is 6 going on 20... and amazes us everyday with his wit.
Jody's sister and kids moved in with us... and now we are a bustling household of 10 people. If i told you how many times we ran a dishwasher in a day or how many loads of laundry we produce.... you might die... so i will just leave that one to your imagination.

This past November my dad became ill... and was eventually diagnosed with a brain tumor.
We traveled to California to spend time with him from Christmas till about mid February. It was a blessing for us to spend time with him before his health began to decline.

The big kids and I are planning to go to Mexico City Mexico this summer with our church for a missions trip that will last 15 days. Yes i know Swine flu.... yes i know.... gang violence.... but guess what? God has it all figured out... and if we are meant to go, we will go. So please pray with us that our trip will be in God's will.

The picture at the top of the page is my dad and my youngest. It was taken this christmas.... every moment is precious. Make sure your family knows they are loved.
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