Thursday, October 1, 2009

visit with dad..... NO 2

so... today sucked. we went to the dr... and they weren't kidding..... the new tumor is big. big meaning it looked about the size of a kidney bean. but in a brain that has only so much is disasterous.... we had to decide to give him a feed tube or not. they explained that he would be in more pain in the long run if we did do it... so we decided not to. we told him we wanted to do right by him...and in a moment of total clarity... he told us that in the end...whatever we did would be right. even now he can still give comfort....God is good.
mom and amy are grieving hard. we all are. but we all do it differently.... mom wore one of his shirts today. one of the ratty ones she used to always want him to change out of..... but when you can't get a hug.... the shirt is the next best thing.....
it is hard to say goodbye to your pillar of strength. to your biggest fan... to the best date.... to the guy who would always listen and who had great advice. to the man who shaped your life and influenced so many other peoples lives.
i love you daddy.... you will be missed


  1. I have no doubt that the Lord led you to take this trip when you did. I know it is comforting to your Dad, Mom, and Sisters for you to be there.

    There IS strength in numbers.

    My heart hurts for you all right now. Having lost a parent, I truly can feel the pain you, Kelly, & Amy are going through.

    I continue to pray for you all.

    I know you know this, but just keep the knowledge that he is going HOME to be with his Lord and Savior. I realize that still doesn't keep us from being selfish and wanting them here with US. But it is what will get you through.

    Please give the kids a big hug for me.

    If there is ANYTHING I can do from this far away, please let me know. ~Lisa

  2. Oh Julie, I am in tears. My heart is breaking for you all. I'm so very sorry. Please know that your Dad, you and all of your family are in our prayers.

    Hold tight to the cross and the most beautiful words I think Jesus ever spoke, "Behold I AM MAKING all things new." Cry out to him. He knows your grief for He said goodbye to his loved ones and felt more acutely than we ever could the pain and sorrow and all other effects of the fall.

    Two songs for you today:


    Grace and peace be yours in abundance.

  3. o.k. so you know i don't know what or how to say anythin- i'm no good at this stuff. but i am crying with you. i remeber making these same choices as david's mom's cancer grew and i remember watching the sisters and trying to understand what they were feeling. but i don't know that anyone can know unless they've been there. so know this. God has been there. He watched His Son die, covered in our sin. and He is with you. He set up house in your heart when you were saved and he is still there speaking to your heart. be still and know He is God. i love you.


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