Monday, March 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one}   Meet new friends.

Always and ever in search of new bloggy friends....  I will endeavor to embark upon meeting a few.  That means I actually have to do more than hop around and stalk other peoples blogs.......  I have to WRITE something on my OWN.....  novel concept I know..... 

{two}  The cup really makes a difference.

I love this coffee cup.  The back side has a little green Starbucks sign, and a little yellow taxi cab.  It is my souvenir from our trip to New York City.  It is big, holds the perfectly large amount of coffee.  It makes Monday mornings happy.

{three}  Government Agencies are irritating.

I had to call one today to ask for an extension on a letter they gave me 3 days to answer.  They are closed.  They all have a day off as a  "debt reduction day" ...... huh? 

{four}  On Eating.

I think 8 year olds eat more than 16 year olds.  This last week Hunter ate a ton of food.  I expect it from Evan, he is a growing teen boy.... but Hunter?  On Saturday, he had dinner, then an additional bowl of soup, two heaping bowls of applesauce, an apple and a banana.....  and I had to stop him from getting a third bowl of applesauce.
At this rate, I am going to have to triple my grocery budget soon.

{five}  Young Marines.

Saturday we went to a Young Marines event.  Our friends daughter participated in Boot Camp, and was promoted from Recruit to Private.  She actually made PFC since she was an Honor Graduate.  Hunter wants to do this...........  real bad.  It really is something that is right up his alley.  Me?.........  selfishly all I can think about is that it is another thing on my plate to shuttle someone to.........ugh.  I am clearly going to need to pray about this one....

{six}  Bible Study.

Sundays we have been going through a study on " One Another".  We are learning what it means to love one another as Christ tells us to......  It is convicting and inspiring all in the same breath.

{seven}  Accountability.

A few weeks ago I attended a seminar.  The speaker stated that we should set some goals, find an accountability partner, and be honest with them on whether we were accomplishing those goals....
Out of the whole seminar....... there were two of us who wanted to have an accountability partner.
(everyone wave to Jen.....) 
She has a website with a book she wrote........  A Wedding Without Tears.......  Go and check it out.

{eight}  Blog Hops

Here are some other Monday blog hops that I will be looking to meet new friends on.....stop by one of them, and meet some new friends too !


The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom

{nine}  Buttons

I need to learn how to make blog buttons..........  sigh.....  something else to add to my to do list..... sigh...

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  1. I'm sorry, but I lost you at the blueberry scone...

    Kidding of course.....but, only 1/2


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