Monday, August 17, 2009

The new school year begins

We have officially started the school year.... Evan and Tayler will get a nice slow ease in to the year, as they are going to be traveling to their dad's next week for 3 weeks, and they will have a considerably light schedule for the time that they are there.

We are using Ambleside Online as a curriculum base.... it is a literature based curriculum and we will see how this interactive and new curriculum will work for our family. It will bring us together for learning times, far more than any other curriculum that we have used in the past and it will have us at the library often! (you can go here to see more about the curriculum we are using.)

This year we are also going to learn some Godly Character Qualities that I found on the internet. Anyone watch those Duggar's on TV? Well, i went to their site one day to see what they used for homeschooling, because i admire their children, and the way that they seem to be able to get things done around the house...
While i was there i stumbled on to this PDF file that they have with Definitions for Character qualities that they teach their chilren. Each Quality has a bible verse attached to it.... i am not sure how long we will spend on each quality, but we are going to seek to build these traits into our lives, and not just expect that they will get there on their own somehow.

The Quality that we will be working on now is... Orderliness vs. Disorganization. the verse is 1 Corinthians 14:40. and it is defined as : Preparing myself and my surroundings so that i will achieve the greatest efficiency.

If you could see my kitchen right now... you would know why we chose to use this trait first!....
currently the kitchen table is being used as a bookself, the center island as a drop zone, and it generally looks as tho the bomb from Hiroshema was tested in our kitchen....
So we will be using ( yes using!... a novel concept indeed ) the tools we already have in place for keeping our space organized.

We will keep you updated as the year moves on!

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  1. i'll be curious to see how that organization thing goes--i can't seem to do it for just myself, let alone with children ;-)


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