Friday, May 21, 2010

I sit here today, in front of my computer, blank.  I am empty.  Words are not here for the sharing....  It is almost like that part of me is broken.

So today, I will just restate the portions of my devotion this morning.

Isaiah 6......  God is Holy, Wonderful and Magnificent.  His wonder and glory are beyond my pitiful comprehension.  .......I am desperate.... a sinner, that should be so far removed from His presence.  Yet, through grace....  I am allowed to be near Him.  Christ's righteousness cloaks me in a perfection I can NOT obtain on my own. 

Psalms 34......  The Lord is near those who are broken.  He hears my cries to Him.

Ephesians 6.....  Because all of the preceding statements are true.  I will choose to put on the full armor of God.....  today, not to do battle.......  but because I can't even muster the energy to stand, get out of bed, or breathe without it.  I will slump within its protection and be safe.

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