Friday, August 6, 2010

VBS 2010

As soon as I arrived home from Mexico ( I know! I still need to tell you all what happened there!) I hit the ground running with preparation for our church's Vacation Bible School.  I had the 4th, 5th and 6th graders rolled into one class.  Our theme for this year was God's love for us.  It was an undersea motif, and our class was the sharks.  They told me to prepare for about 10 kids.  So I studied lessons, made bulletin boards, cut out sea creatures for memory verse study games, and tried to make sure my own life and mind was in a place of service, and ready to share the gospel with these kids.
Monday came, and there were 15 kids. I was amazed and blessed at the number of kids who came.  Our lessons were amazing.  They were all geared to help the kids understand more about how much God loves them.  Not only were each one of them ( and each of you reading this ) a priceless treasure to God.... He actively seeks you out.  His heart desire is to save the lost, that is the whole reason Jesus came!  We were we reminded of how much God loves us no matter what things we do.  We can wish him dead, we can tell him how wrong he is, and want to do it all our own way..... and still, He will search the horizon for us, waiting for us to want to come home.  All we have to do in response to this wonderful gift of love, is obey, and place Him first in our lives.

Pretty simple.

Thanks God for letting me share that with those kids!

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