Monday, October 4, 2010

I don't know..........

This morning, my dear husband brought me coffee in bed.

It is Monday, so he added extra beans to the grinder.  I love him.

Today, he gave me the biggest cup.  I needed it........

And then he said a few small words.... words that struck a wee bit of terror into my heart....

He said, "Your happy birthday is coming....."  I continued to sip my extra strong coffee, pretending that I didn't hear him.

He boldly forged ahead, " What do you want for your birthday?"  I kept sipping.... and ignoring.

When I finally decided not to leave the poor guy hanging.... because really I know that he is asking, and trying to be thoughtful....  He blurted out, " Soon you are going to be old.... like me."  We laughed. 

I went back to sipping........ and ignoring.

I again decided it wasn't nice or polite to stay quiet.... even though the coffee tasted amazing.

I told him, I don't know........  I don't know what I want for my birthday.  I really hadn't thought about it.  Truth be told, I would rather it didn't happen.  Can't we just skip this one?

I don't think he is going to let me off the hook.
I am going to have to come up with something.

Anybody got any ideas?

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  1. A spa day- whether it's purchased or given by your groom. Mani Pedi Wash your hair, a good massage and no one yelling MOOOOMMMMM.

    And, seriously- 40 is WAY better than 30 ever was! I'll be 45 this year- I gots some experience, ya know.


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