Friday, November 5, 2010

Jeremiah prays

Jeremiah is 3.  Up until the last week or so his prayers have been: "Dear Dod, pweeze hewlp me to obey da fwirst time, Amen."  This was his prayer for dinner, lunch, before bed, when asking for forgiveness.... you name it.  If he was asked to pray, this was part if not ALL of his prayer.

The bedtime routine in our house belongs to Daddy.  Not because I can't, or won't, but because he does it so much better than I do.  He enjoys participating in this portion of their day, and it shows.  He helps them with their teeth.  He makes sure they are wearing their favorite pajamas.  He makes sure they have their favorite bed time friend with them.  He pulls up the covers, tucks them in like burritos, and then he prays with them.  This is the time that he uses to instruct them, and guide them in their conversations with God.  He reminds them to be thankful.  He tells them that they should praise God in their prayers.  He tells them that they can talk to God any time they want.

As the layers and months of gentle instruction have begun to sink in and register in Jeremiah's super cute little brain.  His prayers have begun to morph.  First, he added " A-man" to the end of his prayers.  I guess he figures he is talking to one person not many, so 'men' was changed.  It was sort of cute, so we let it slide....

Now he is moving past his singular phase, and his prayers are reflecting a heart that is genuinely desiring to communicate with his Savior.
Last night Jody said he prayed , "Dear Ward ( he has changed to calling Jesus, Lord.) Pweeze, hewlp us to obey, pweeze hewlp us not to sin, and pweeze hewlp us to not mate you sad or mad.  And pweeze hewlp Daddy not to do to wort anymor."

Tonight was: " Dear Ward, (large sigh) pweeze hewlp wift us up to hevan. Pweeze help wift up Daddy, Id, Taywer, Hunter, Mommy and Shewwee up to hevan. Fank you Ward. A-man."

I look forward to hearing more of his prayers of the heart.

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