Tuesday, May 3, 2011

confessions of a tupperware killer

we just ate our last pickle.

i know you really wanted that information didn't you....

don't lie.

i knew you were in suspense.... hanging on the edge of your seat, waiting for this announcement.....

with the last pickle gone....  it was delicious by the way.......  now i get to think about what to put in the jar formerly known as pickle.

Past uses have featured....  coffee beans, black beans, rice, oatmeal.....

Now, what shall i use this jar for??? is a question that is pleasantly swimming around in my head.

i have turned to the use of glass jars, because really...... 

i am a tupperware killer.

i melt it, stain it.... and forget what it is in it, because i can't see inside the stuff.  i throw it out for fear of breathing whatever science fair project is germinating in there....

Switching to glass has been a meal saver around here.  Leftovers actually get eaten....  people can see what it is !! how novel an idea !!

Ever since my friend introduced me to these FABULOUS little lid things that Ball sells.....  the murdered tupperware isn't getting replaced....  we nearly use glass completely now for storing things. i reasoned, i have all these canning jars just SITTING in the garage, i should USE them !!

now the crackers, cranberries, almonds and walnuts sit pretty and neat on the shelves....  it is delightful.

and really.......... i am kinda glad i have killed all the tupperware.


  1. Honestly, storing food in glass jars is healthier. So many plastics contain bisphenol-A which break down and leach into foods and act as phytoestrogens that lead to a higher risk of breast and other female cancers. :/

  2. See! I knew there was a good reason to dislike that stuff! Thanks for the info!

  3. Thanks for the jar reminder...I don't have a bunch in my garage like you.. LOL, but it will be a great investment in more ways than one. :)
    Amy :)

  4. Being able to SEE items makes all the difference! Thanks for this idea!

  5. LOVE this! I never knew you could buy plastic lids for glass ball jars! I'll have to look into this! :) Guilty here too :/

  6. ~jamie~ sometimes i find those lids at Walmart. they are with the canning jars from time to time.... now that canning season is approaching, you can keep your eyes peeled for them in a store near you. {and they come in both sizes... regular and wide mouth}

  7. I need those lids! TRULY NEED! I have so many glass jars that I'm 'saving' to reuse- thanks for the info!!!!

    I do however, love the true Tupperware pickle holder thingy. I don't have one- the Ex got it in the divorce, I guess. B/C I used to have one-


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