Monday, May 2, 2011

....just 5....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one.}  spinning.......
so many thoughts are spinning through my head from church yesterday.
do you ever just feel like there was so much good stuff shared that you can't even begin  to process it all?
i am so thankful to the Lord for his grace and showing me the areas of my life that need to be surrendered to him, there is lots of uckey (yes that is a technical term) stuff i need to work on.

{two.} cowboys.....
yesterday on the way home from church i saw a cowboy.
not so weird in and of itself.
 the cowboy had a big ten gallon hat, a nice vest, and a bolero tie....
only problem was,  he was driving a Scion. 
and that.... is what i can't get out of my head....
it is like showing up to the rodeo with a miniature pony....
bad form.

{three.} dates....
i need a date with my husband.
life has been busy.
i miss talking with him about the random things.
i need one so badly i am not sure that just a few hours will cut it
maybe i need a weekend

{four.} puppies....
the puppies are growing well, they are fat little balls of fur.
their eyes started opening today, personalities should begin to emerge soon
they will be two weeks old on wednesday.

{five.} fat.....
i am fat.  there is no use hiding it, or pretending that i am skinny. 
the first step to recovering is admission....

it is time that i stop letting the P90X box mock me from the foot of the bed where it has been collecting dust for over a year.
i need to be a little more Nike....
just do it.


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  1. I would so house/kid/critter sit for you to have a weekend if I could!

    Puppies??? How did I miss that?

    Note to self-come here more often to keep up!


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