Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good news from the farm....
i suppose i should catch some of you up.... because you may not know...

we farm with another family here in Kennewick. They have about 2 acres, and all the animals... i grow lots of food... and we share.

SO... back to where i started... good news from the farm

Our first trip to the farmers market was very successful. Chera nearly sold out of eggs. We go back again on May 23rd and we expect to sell all 40 dozen that she will take. Things are moving ahead for the first of the meat chickens too... (in the farming world they are called pastured poultry, because they are raised outside, and without hormones or antibiotics in their feed. and they actually get to eat bugs and grasses...unlike the chickens in the store...)
we hope to sell at least 80 birds.

The coolest thing i think, is that one of the laying hens actually hatched a couple of chicks. She is a bantam hen and Chera put a few eggs under her because she was broody. Two hatched... so she is off to a good start as a new mommy to two full sized chicks. Some of the other hens are getting broody too, she was going to let them set, so we will see if we can get more chicks to help with the egg production!
The other cool thing is the turkeys! A couple of months ago Chera and i loaded 4 kids and two huge buckets into the back of my suburban and drove toMilton Freewater, at town just south of Walla Walla... to pick up a pair of breeding turkeys...... The turkeys loaded very nicely into their tubs and Henrietta sat nice and quiet. Thomas... not so quiet. We didn't get to the end of the road before we stopped to set the spare tire on top of his tub. We had visions of a full grown turkey loose in the truck with the three kids in the back seat.... screamin up a storm..... God was gracious and the tire worked and we were able to drive back home uneventfully.
Thomas and Henrietta don't really like their house that was so lovingly built for them.... they would rather wander around the yard. So we got a bit nervous when we didn't see Henrietta for awhile. We thought she had run off. Seeing as how Thomas had started taking up with this cute wild brown turkey that lived nearby.... Ryan was out fixing some fence and he stumbled on Henrietta... and she was setting on a clutch of eggs!
Yesterday or the day before they started hatching! Chera counted 4 pullets under one wing and that was all she got to see...we are guessing that there may be a few more... just going to have to wait and see when she starts to take them out around the yard.

The farm is busy in the spring... new baby goats, new baby chicks, new turkeys.... exciting stuff.
No matter what is going on..... God manages to show us through nature that births and deaths are parts of life.... and time keeps marching on... He is the keeper of it, not us.

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