Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who put the spoon in my pants?

There are things that come out of your mouth when you are a mom, that you never, EVER, thought you would say.
I have had two such experiences in the last week.

It started with.......... "Who put the spoon in my pants?" and just today I can add...... " Let's not use the pliers on people, please."

The pliers on people was one that happened in the nursery in church. There was a toddler that had plastic toy pliers, and she was trying to catch the wispy hairs that were blowing on a baby that was about 6 months old. Better the hair, than an eye or his nose.... but, I am sure that if someone was walking by the window and heard that..... they would wonder what IS it we do at this church!?!?!?!?! ......

The spoon in my pants...., now this one is going to require a bit of back ground....
We are raising a practical joker. He comes by this quite naturally. He finds ways to be sneaky, and executes, flawlessly, his plan........... His name is Hunter, and he may grow up to be a secret agent in the CIA.
He is known for his ability to sneak objects into people's shoes. To him, placing a Lego man or a matchbox car, even a rock in your shoe is a sign of love and affection. Not everyone receives such treatment, only those he loves most. If you find the object in your shoe, and then sneak it back into HIS shoe, you will find it back in your shoe in a day or two.... never a word spoken, just a stealthy game of cat and mouse.....
I am sure you are now wondering what in the world this has to do with a spoon.... hold on to your hat... I am getting there.

Thursday, I was getting ready to take Jody his lunch, and then we were going to go and run some errands.... while I was making lunch, Hunter got a spoon out of the drawer in an attempt to have a scoop of ice cream before we left the house. He was told " No, you haven't even had lunch yet!!" and I went about my business, thinking he had put the spoon away. I walked around the house for about 10 more minutes, loaded Jeremiah and all the lunch and diaper bag, ect., into the truck and climbed in and away we went. We took the lunch to Daddy and then went up to Walmart. As I am climbing out of the truck I hear this strange metal clunk. Thinking, this is odd, I look back to see what I bumped into, finding nothing on the truck, I look to see what is metal on me. This is when I find it.... neatly tucked into my belt loop, was a spoon...... Then I said it...... " Who put the spoon in my pants?" To which I received a small, smug, smirk from my little sneak..... and it was combined, I might add, with an adorable angelic look..... you know the one.... the one that says...." who me?"

I wasn't sure if I should have been more horrified that he did this and I didn't even feel it.....I mean, I SAT on it for at least a half an hour!!! .... or impressed that it was there and never fell out......I guess he meant to teach me a lesson for not letting him have some ice cream..... ohhh Hunter, you are toooooo much some days!

So the next time you come over, or we are over at your house and you find something odd in your shoe, or in your belt loop..... know that you are very loved by a very, very crafty little boy.


  1. least it wasn't DOWN your pants!!! And, I so can't think of anything I've said to my kids - right now anyway... But I remember one I heard over the phone while working in the registration office at Mount Hermon! "Don't put the cat there!!! I'll get caught in the fan!" :^) I have plenty of thing written down that my kids have said, but not so many that I've said to them!!! I'll have to keep thinking!

  2. This is awesome! God gave you the perfect child just for you--hopefully the girl who once peed in dean's boot can keep laughing her way through raising her kids. ;-)

    Like Sandy, i'll have to keep thinking on things i've said--i can remember sitting down in Jarel's room and crying, does that count?

    So glad to see you have this blog, i will definitely be visiting more, my dear extra daughter!

  3. Oh... momma julie.... there is a memory that was almost forgotten... What was i? 13? was that the weekend i stayed at your house over my birthday? My husband read your comment and came and asked me what you were talking about.... so i told him the story... he nearly sprayed water out his nose he was laughing so hard.... i can tell he will use this as ammunition as we get older...LOL Thanks for the "great" memory!

  4. i am VERY glad to have given Jody ammunition for the future--that incident was one that shall go down in the Elder family history. ;-)

  5. i miss hunter- make sure you let him know that


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