Friday, September 11, 2009


It was 8 years ago.........
I was driving to work. I was a Bus Driver then, working for Redwood Christian School. The radio station was KFAX's foray into FM Christian Pop Music. The DJ was Amy. I remember the color of the sky as dawn was breaking.... I remember the smells and sounds my little Mazda MPV had. I remember thinking.... really this wasn't happening.... someone was playing a serious Orson Wells type joke here. But there was something chilling in the way they spoke about what was happening, so chilling you had no other choice but to believe it was true.

That day was an act of senseless terrorism. Once small group of people's stab at taking down a giant. Instead of crippling our Republic, or toppling our economy, they brought down some steel..... and more tragically hundreds of lives of people that were just going to work that day. People who had in no way directly injured the people that attacked them.

For a time, our country was galvanized. We rallied the troops, and we waived our flags..... and as time marched on.... we began to forget. The flags were put away, we began to wonder why OUR boys had to die on foreign soil.... we became apathetic.

I won't forget. I can't. My husband serves his country with a courageous zeal. He loves what this country stands for, our freedoms, our rich heritage of God given rights. He has volunteered to give HIS life....... for YOU.... for me, for our children... should the need arise. It is people like him... who volunteered to dig out the rubble of the twin towers. Who put in long hours at work and then leave their families behind so that they can train, and be on the ready should their country need them. Who are willing to leave, for sometimes a year, and miss milestones of children, births and deaths of loved ones. The are willing to not hug their wife or husband... not kiss and hold their kids...but to drive on a street that is rife with landmines, be shot at with rockets, and bullets, and to dodge tossed grenades.. all to protect the right to freedom.... for US... America, and for those who live elsewhere and need our assistance to help protect and defend, when they can not.

Thank you to those who walk where I can not.... so that I can walk safely where I am.

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