Tuesday, September 1, 2009

daddy love

I was just looking at my youngest son's bed... it was so sweet.. i had to run in here and share it.

I love... love .... love the way my husband puts the kids to bed. It really showcases his soft nougat center.

Last night i was at a bridal shower and he was home with Jeremiah, they played, got ferociously dirty, had a baff, got fwesh n keen, and then got tucked in.... Tuckin time with daddy is something special. It beats mommy bed time by a mile. You see mommy is OVER the kids by bed time... it is a peck on the cheek.... a hug and I love you... and out the door. Daddy... well Daddy hooks you UP!...... he will make you up a soft pillow, and covers it with an even softer blanket... he will cover your bottom sheet with a soft flannel blanket, all tucked in so it doesn't bunch.... then he lifts you gently into the bed, makes sure you are comfy... and then gets a snuggly blanket for the top... he tucks you in "like a ba-beeto" strokes your hair and tells you how much he loves you, prays with you, and tells you ni-night.

Nothin beats Daddy love for settin your night right......

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