Sunday, September 6, 2009

growing up fast

I am not sure when I gave my kids permission to go and get so big so fast.
I just got off the phone with my daughter. She is off visiting her Dad in Tennessee. I called her to see if she read the ark post... she said she did we laughed a little bit at the silly rat chase.
She then informed me that she is cooking dinner. Red beans and Rice. So we discussed the recipie and a few tricks for her to use if it wasn't coming out exactly like she wanted....
I hung up and was struck by the thought of how grown up she is... and how someday, she will be calling me from her house to ask me about a recipie, so she can make it for her family.
.....sigh.... they grow up so fast.

See auntie rene......... it happens to us all. ( not all of us do it when the baby is 5 days old like mom did with ) We all have moments when we get a little misty-eyed, about how quickly they grow up and out on their own.... and generally it is followed by the hope that we haven't screwed them up so bad that they never

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