Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Daddy

He is always vigilant, watching to make sure his family is safe.
He looks tough.  If bad things were lurking around.......... they would run and hide!
He is tender too......  he will walk you up to the ocean, and give you a soft place to nap.
He most definitely has a sense of humor!!!!!!!!

He will teach you how to build a fire

He won't flaunt his fame, or his sacrifice of service.

He will hold your hand if you are scared to go somewhere you have never been

He will sleep on the stuffed animal, so you can have the good pillow.

He likes ice cream.... even more than you do, and will always let you eat lots of it.

From Me:
Happy Birthday my dear Husband.  Thank you for all you do, and every way you make what we do as a family possible.  We appreciate your hard work, so I can stay home with the kids. The sacrifice of time you make to help others.  I love you.

From Evan:
Happy Birthday, I already think you are way over the hill.......

From Tayler:
Hi Daddy, I miss you.  I will be thinking about you today.  I will eat some birthday candy in your honor! See you in 5 more days! luv you...

From Hunter:
Dear Daddy, I love you, and I love that you are my dad, and that I am able to be your son, and that, it is so cool to be able to help you and work with you whenever I can do it. I love you no matter what.

From Jeremiah:
Happy Bwirfday to Dad. uuuuuu ( now he starts singing ) happy bwirfday to you, happy bwirfday...bwess YOOOUUU!  (end song )  .......dats what I wanna say to dad.

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  1. Sweetcheex'.... Mere words cannot express how sweet this post is and how touching it has been (even ID'z well thot-out and beautifully written I can't really put into perspective here "what" it means to me for such things to be said and shared... Thank You (all) very much !!!! I dearly Love (and on this day) Miss you all Very Much !!!
    With All my Love,

    -Big Daddy


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