Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

For those of you who don't know, we have puppies lots and lots of adorable puppies.  We had a litter of 8 and we are down to 5.... and if this absolutely adorable kid around the corner has his way, I will be down to 4 soon.  I mean really... what is not to love about a face like this?

We met this young man when he showed up on our doorstep Monday.  His family had been driving down the street and seen our sign pointing to free puppies down the street.  He asked his mom if he could come and see them......... He knocks, I open the door to one of the cutest 10 year olds I have ever seen.  Big brown eyes, TONS of freckles and a figure that looks like he might play a few more video games than baseball during the summer.  He immediately asks about the dogs, and in his second sentence, asks if he can take one home for a few hours to play with it. I must have had a look on my face that was a mixture of surprise and I don't even know you...... because his third sentence was a description of where he lived, and that he just wanted to play with them.........  I explained that for now, he was welcome to go into the yard and play with them but they needed to stay here.  He walked off down the stairs and to the dogs asking questions about their names.... and all Tayler could do was follow him out there and answer him.  He stayed for a while and went home.

Then he was back in a half hour WITH his sister. The kid is persistent.  He wanted to take 2 home now for a few hours.  He said his dad was looking for a black lab and we had two, could he take them home so his dad could see them?  I caved.  I told you the kid was cute.  Besides, I rather admired his tenacity.  So he and his sister trudge off with the two black puppies.... with Tayler helping in the delivery.  A couple of hours later they are back with Dad... and Tayler said the he was a little gruff. Saying something about not wanting a dog right now.  Score is Kid 0, Parents 1.

Tuesday night we are on the way home from a meeting and we see our little dude walking up the street from our place to home....  I look at Jody who was home before picking me up, with one of those HUH? looks.  He smiles and says. " yeah, he came by, asking if he could play with them.... and then told me this really long story about how he has names for them and which one is which.... your right he is a cute kid, he wants a dog BAD, I let him come in a play with them."  I smile at what a sweet softy my husband is.

Wednesday.... He's back. This time with two little girls from down the street.  He has enlisted reinforcements.  He asks if he can take one home again.  Remembering that his dad seemed a bit put off by the fact he came home to TWO dogs last time, I suggest that perhaps playing with them here is a better idea.  He is mildly dejected, but he agrees, and goes home with his entourage.  Half hour later....... he is back.  He says mom says he can bring one home, and he has brought a leash and collar as proof his mother agreed.  I caved.  I told you I admire his tenacity.  We armed him with doggie treats to coax her to walk on a leash, and Tayler walked him home.  2 hours later he is BACK, with his sister and his entourage from earlier.  He wants the other 2 brown ones..... He says, dad has seen the black ones and one brown one and wants to see the other two, can he please take these ones home too?  Sure , Whatever.... go for it.  I know they are going to be back with them in a bit.  When he brought them all home.... He said " Dad likes one of the brown ones, He says that it is much smarter than Princess (the black one the kid was becoming really attached too) "  Score: Kid 1, Parents 1

I really sort of hope the kids parents cave in..... This kid is like a Marty Preston without his beagle Shiloh.... like, Billy Coleman without his Old Dan and Little Ann, in Where the Red Fern Grows.  The boy NEEDS a dog.  Not just because it will mean I have one less here to feed, but because you can see his love for them, he wants to teach and train and have a buddy to follow him around.....someone to share his secrets with and lick away his tears.....

We will see what today holds.... We will see if he comes back, and we will see what the score is at the end of this day.....  but personally, I think the kid is gaining on them.

Update 4pm:  All of the puppies are gone.  Found a family from out of town that wanted 3, and another that wanted 2..... at the same time as this goodbye was happening.... the "reinforcements" came over to play with the puppies....  I am sure the ring leader has been notified that his dream dog has been given away.  My heart goes out to the little guy.......  sigh......


  1. Ohhhhhhhh- and now they're all gone...bless his heart. ~lisa

  2. thanks for the comment on the blog. yep that is real. going to add your blog to my must read as well.


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