Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Almost time to fly

Eeeekkkk!  It is Wednesday already!  How time flies when there is much to do.
Last night was our final Pre-Trip Preparation Meeting for Mexico.  Pastor gave a great devotion on the power of God, in us and through us.  He reminded us that we are made new, we are not created to work ON the world system of things, but ON God's system.  In Acts 1 when Jesus is telling his disciples that it is good for him to go..... that the Holy Spirit will come and give them power..... the power to witness to all the earth.  We were challenged to look at 5 manifestations of that power, in relation to our trip, and more importantly our lives.

The Holy Spirit, within the believer provides:

1. The power to choose wisely.  Micah 2:6-7. 
We are given the Word of God.  In it the Word tells us what to do or not to do.  We make choices, and depending on if they are right or wrong, based on those biblical principals, determines whether we receive blessing or cursing.

2. The power to endure. 2 Corinthians 4:7.
The Holy Spirit will enable us to handle trials with grace.

3. The power to overcome.  2 Corinthians13:4.
When I try to do things in my own power, I fail.  I can overcome any situation with God.

4. The power to minister.  Ephesians 3:7.
Being able to minister to and encourage others, is a gift from God.  When I do it in His strength, I magnify HIM and not just my good deed.

5. The power to witness.  1 Corinthians 4:20
My actions are important.  Frequently, they will scream louder than any words I may ever say.  Incorrect actions, can nullify any thing I may say about the Lord.  Without God's help to act and speak rightly, my words are worthless.

We were also asked to look for God's grace every day during our trip.  Please pray for us that we will be quick to see the many ways that God will be walking with us, and the many ways he is shepherding our every step.

Friday we will meet and receive the medicine we are taking in our bags for the doctors we are working with. Sunday we will have a Commissioning Service with our church body, and Monday, we fly. I will be journaling while I am there so that I can share with you all when I return.

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