Monday, June 28, 2010

Final Preparations

Next week, at this time, Evan, Tayler and I will be in the air.  Traveling to Mexico City for our missions trip.  God has been working and preparing our hearts for this time of service.  Please pray for us as we pack our bags, and drive all over town purchasing final items.  It is a busy week. especially for me, because I need to finish VBS work too ( it starts as soon as we are back )

Pray for the kids.  Both of them will be ministering through skits that show how we are easily snared by sin....

Evan plays the part of the "boyfriend" in this music skit. Please pray that this amazing, moving, expression of Jesus' love for us, touches the hearts of the people that see it.

From the left we have Nelson, and his wife.... they are the missionaries we are going to work with. Then Karla, and Pastor Bill. Karla will be translating for us, and Pastor has put all of this together.

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