Monday, June 22, 2009

Garden is growing!

here are some of my 18 bell pepper plants.... they are growing very nicely and starting to flower and produce fruit.
This one is some of my rainbow chard. The seeds that came up gave me orange, yellow, and some variations of red

here is a couple of my 11 tomato plants. They are planted along the fence and i am training them to grow up the fence so i don't need to have a cage for them... so far so good. It can get really windy here and in past years i have had staked cages blow over, so i am hoping this proves to be a good alternative.

Hierloom red onions.... these i can't wait to see and eat!

these are itty bitty potato plants that are desperately trying to poke through we had to block them off from the ones that are growing so tall other wise they would drown when we added new dirt and never grow

Some more tatoes....

We decided to grow our tatoes in a 30 gallon trash can so that they could be harvested easier. I like potatoes, just not the digging to get them all out of the ground!!
So far we have had swiss chard, and squash from the garden this year. We can't wait to get more in the ground and have more to eat!!

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