Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MacGyver save the day....

I always say he is my hero.... but this time other people got to see it too.............

This last weekend Jody had Drill. This means that he goes to Spokane for the weekend and then comes home on Sunday evening. This weekend started out like any other one, he left on Friday and he and i spend most of the weekend communicating through our phones via texting.
Jeremiah had been having a pretty tough weekend so on Sunday i had texted Jody to let him know how the night had gone... ( it wasn't really good, so i will spare you the details ..) Weird thing was Jody never responded to me.... not a word.... So i thought he must have forgotten to bring a charger for his phone.... and didn't really think another thing of it.

When we got home from church, Jody was home and i noticed right away that he had a big swollen raspberry on his right arm near the elbow.... so being the totally nosey wife that i am.... i asked him what happened to his arm.

He looks sheepish and then proceeds to ask me : "well....ummmm..... did you try to call me or text me at all today?"
"yeah, i did... i texted, but when you didn't answer i thought your phone was dead"
"did you call it to see if it went straight to voicemail?"
"i did, and it went straight to voicemail"
"um.... what does this have to do with your arm?"
"well, you see.............................."

He proceeded to tell me that while he was walking back to his hotel from having dinner with some of the guys in his detachment, he heard a scuffle and some things that didn't sound quite right coming from the path that was under the bridge he was on, and next to the river.
So.... being Jody.... he decided to walk down and see what was going on. Upon arriving at the path way, he sees an older couple ( mid 60's he guesses). This couple is being harassed by these two thugs. The one thug has the lady by the throat, and her arm extended and he is yelling at the man. Jody asks him what seems to be the problem. The thug at this time tell Jody very colorfully to leave, and to mind his own business. Jody tells him no, his language just made it "his" business. Out of frustration, the thug then HIT the lady he was holding..... and her husband got mad! He said he would kick the kids &^* if the odds were different. Jody looked at him and said. "sir, your odds just got different." and with that... Jody went for the second thug.
Knocked him down... when he did... his sun glasses, wallet, and cell phone all went flying.... they got up again... ran some more, Jody tackled him again..... then when they got up... thug tried to take a swing at him.... Jody lowered his head, and they guy hit him in the top of his head.... and then started wailing and holding his very sore hand. This allowed Jody to hit him in the side of the head and knock him out cold.... and leave him for the other people who had started to come see the commotion, and wait with this guy for the cops to come..... Jody ran back down to check on the couple who had been left with thug #1.... they had him on the ground and they were kicking and punching him till he begged for them to stop, saying that he would wait for the cops if they just stopped hitting him.
Jody got his wallet back, the lady had picked it up for him, and she told him his cell phone went in the river she thought.... he said ok.... thanks... and then headed back to his hotel.

The next morning he got up early and went to see if he could dive and recover his phone, as he was doing this a cop walked up and started asking some questions.... turns out he was on duty the night before and as soon as Jody said he was looking for his phone, the cop knew he was the mystery helper from the night before. The cop thanked him from the couple who really had wanted to say thank you, and thank you from the police for helping someone in need.

so a few bumps and scrapes later.... and one cell phone deductible later.... all is well, and that is how MacGyver saved the day!

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