Saturday, November 7, 2009


so much going through my mind... and so little time to actually sit and write about it.
I can't decide whether or not to share comical moments, or the things that i have been learning in the last weeks. So probably i will just ramble, and you will just get to read whatever comes out....

I will say that i am ready to go home. I miss my house, my schedule, my church.... so many things. I know why i am here. Wanting to go home, sounds so selfish.

People ask, "how are you" or "how is mom"... I am ok. Then they look at me with a squint, and almost the evil eye, like they are trying to look in my brain and see if i am telling the truth.
Let me set the record straight..... really i am OK. Dad is gone. That sucks. But there is life to live and kids to raise and school to teach, and life goes on. If i sat and sulked.... i don't think my dad would be very proud of me. I cry. Some of the cards people send really are sweet and thoughtful, and they make you cry. Maybe i am too practical, or less emotional ( although i am not sure my husband would agree with that i am able to cry at a commercial sometimes) Maybe it is because i am the oldest... i don't know... but really folks. I am ok.

Mom, She is sad. She feels like we all have lives and things to do, and she doesn't anymore.... she is lonely. last night she fell asleep in one of his shirts. That will make you wanna me.... Good news though, she is off and out of the house for a few days. She is visiting friends, and that is a good thing. Keep her in your prayers. Her hurt is deep. God is good, and He will supply for her in her need, but her hurt is deep. Their 42nd anniversary is this week. 'nuff said.

Another horribly sad note is the loss of our puppy. He somehow contracted parvo, before i could get him in for any vaccinations... he was 7 1/2 weeks old. Tayler has taken it very hard. she is our animal gal. She would have me living in Tayler's ark if we didn't have boundaries. She has always said she someday wanted to be a vet. Hopefully this loss doesn't change her mind. Now i need to get the other dogs at home vaccinated ( don't look scandalized... my dogs are healthy!! ) I just need to get someone to the feed store in Pasco and give them the shot. This parvo, is on our clothes and shoes, and will be for a long time, and we don't want to bring home something to them either. Seeing one dog with this disease is enough. I never want to see it happen again!

On a good note.... I am learning lots. Mom has my grandmothers ( dad's mom ) library here. I have been reading a book about Hudson Taylor. There is one on the 23rd Psalm that i want to read. The kids and i are going through the pursuit of holiness by Jeff Bridges. I am learning alot, and I really hope that they are as well. They seem to be finding new truths, and are excited to do the reading and the study work.... so i will take that as a good sign. I will get back to you on more about what we have learned.

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  1. I am glad you are doing okay. Your sweet mom will be in my prayers.

    I will think of you as we pass through Pasco on the train in a few weeks.


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