Monday, November 9, 2009


one of the coolest things about these blogs, is that i am not the only goober to have one. I really like this way to peek in on people. i think that i like it because you get a pretty real sense of what someone is like. What they think, more of who they are.... instead of just the " Hi, how are you" that we seem to do when we meet folks.

That being said. I added a new blog to "follow" on my list to the right. This one is by Angela Erickson. For those of you Redwoodians that read here... the last name might seem familiar. She is the Bride of Dan Erickson, who is the son of Marty and Sharon. So now that you know her family least on the hubbys side.... Check her out.... I did at the recommedation of her mother-in-law :)

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