Friday, February 5, 2010

Gastronomic Delights

I love food.

Really, one look at me will tell you this...

I don't know if this happens to other people, but there are times in my life where the things that I put into my mouth are so breathtaking they render me speechless.( again, if you know me... rendering ME speechless, is a hard thing to do!)

Last night was one of these experiences.  Jody and I went to dessert at an Italian resturant, called Bella Italia.  We had been before for the Spumoni .... and last night didn't disappoint.

I ordered 2 desserts, because I couldn't decide which one I wanted to try more.

The Tiramissu was heavenly.  The ladyfingers were light and airy, perfectly dipped in the espresso so that just the outer fringe was gooey from the coffee, they offered the perfect amount of resistance and spring against my fork as it dug into the dessert.  The pastry cream holding the ladyfingers together was sweet and light, again the perfect consistancy. Clinging to the top and dusted with cocoa powder, was the most light, rich and creamy cool custard.   The whole dessert was an explosive mix of cool and creamy, rich and dark. It felt as if fireworks were going off in the back of my brain.  It was so good that after it was gone, I was tempted to take the plate to the restroom, and engage in a secret plate licking party.... just to get those last swipes of custard that stubbornly refused to be lifted by my fork.

I also ordered the Nutella Cheescake.  It arrived and stood as a confidant wedge on the plate before me.  The bottom layer white, the top chocolate, again dusted with cocoa powder... and noticably missing the graham craker crust we Americans are accustomed to. The creamcheese layer was moist, and perfectly dense, rich and sweet.  In the chocolate layer, the flavors came to life.  You could taste the hazelnut, the chocolate perfectly combined with the tang of the cream cheese.  It was soothing and exciting all at the same time.

 Even the coffee at this resturant is an experience.  First thing that should be noted is that I have never seen a coffee pot brandished around the dining room.  Each cup is made and brought to you.  It is rich.  It clings to the cup like a fine wine.  The strong and sweet smell of it is the first thing to envelope your senses.  I like my coffee with cream, and here the cream is really cream.  It is a pleasure to watch the heavy cream as it lazily travels out of the miniature stainless steel pitcher, arrives in your cup, sinks, and then flys to the top of your fresh cup of coffee, almost exploding as it reaches the surface.  As you sip, the strong coffee it is almost heavy on your tongue, washing your palate clean for the next new flavor experience.

I had to surrender the last third of my cheesecake to the styrofoam to-go container.  I would have liked to say that I ordered two desserts too many, but I honestly do not regret one single bite that crossed my lips.


  1. Ohhhh, man, I can almost taste it all! ~swoon~

    And, I can't figure out how to 'follow' you. DOH

  2. I'm drooling and have gained 10 pounds just reading this

  3. you seriously need to fprward this to the food critic's desk at the newspaper and see if he needs you on staff. i submit he DOES. i'm gonna read it to david and see if he won't drive me the 4 hours for desert. i can almost taste it, but not quit so i'll have to get there asap.


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