Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sneaky Tears

This morning, I groaned my way out of bed, when I heard the rushed pitter patter ( who am I kidding it was more like stomping) of the older two kids as they were trying not to be late to their youth event this morning.  It is worth noting that the event they were rushing to attend was not roller skating, or ultimate frisbe, mini-golf or bowling...  they were rushing to rake some leaves.
Like every other teen in America, my children are deathly allergic to yard work at their own home.  Yet when their youth group gets together to help out someone in our church family.... my kids are excited to clean....  I let this incongruency slide, since I know their motive is to serve, not socialize.... even if I would like a little "excited service" to happen in my own yard.

I took them to church and dropped them off, and it was on the way home that it happened.  I was thinking about this boy who had been dropped off by his grandpa to work at "Servant Saturday"  I happen to know where this grandpa lives in relation to his grandson's house.... He had gone all the way over the river, to a different town to pick up his grandson,and then drive him back over to our church, so that his grandson could serve another family this morning.

And I couldn't help it, the tears just started to flow... ha, can't help it now.... they are flowing again...I am sad and proud all at the same time...

It reminded me of my dad, and how he would drive us girls anywhere for our church stuff.  How he picked up his own grandkids where ever they were and took them to where they needed to be.  I am sad, because I know that won't happen anymore, and he is not a present fixture in their day to day lives, he can't physically do for them anymore.

I was proud of that grandpa, who was being an example of servanthood to his own grandson.  I was glad to know that there are more men like that out there than just my dad.  Men who are willing to be up early, drive across town or across the state.... just cuz something needs to be done, and they can help do it.

Now I need to go get a tissue and blow my nose, and figure out a way to say thank you to that grandpa.... for a deed that probably went un-noticed.... but touched someone who was watching from the outside, in such a profound way.

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  1. This was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    Thank you for sharing that =)


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