Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our new life as a serrogate goat ranch

Yesterday we began to be the host residence for 3 - 3day old goats. Their momma belonged to our "adopted" daughter Shelly. Normally all the goats live over at our friends, the Antos'. They are the keepers of the animals, and I grow the veggies. This arrangement works well since they live on county property and I am in the city... and we are limited to the number of animals that we can have, and they city hasn't started to regulate vegetable gardens yet ( hee, hee )

So Shelly's goat had her babies and was doing just fine and sometime in the night between Friday and Saturday, she got real sick, and there was nothing really to do by give her pain meds and hope she went quickly. This left her with the problem of what to do with 3 new goats that needed to be bottle fed around the clock. The Antos' would have kept them, but there are only like 20 other goats that are waiting to give birth this month. So we decided to be the nursery for these little critters till they are about 3 months old and can fend for themselves with the herd.

So far we have given them their shots, and wormed them... as I type I hear Shelly building them a shelter.... and they seem to be doing really well. I think that it will be quite the lesson in parenting for all the kids.... because one goat is demanding enough... 3 are, well, going to be BUSY!

OH...and we are expecting new puppies at the end of March....

All I need now is some chickens....


  1. Yikes! So how many night-time feedings is that?! That's what I call birthcontrol...!!! Enjoy your surrogate mothering gig!

  2. Wow--i am quite impressed with Coney's Wonderful Farmyard. i did that baby-feeding thing with people babies, but never 3 at a time. :-)


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