Friday, April 30, 2010

WHOOOO are you... who... who....

Well now that I have successfully stuck THAT song in your head for the next few hours...   rest in the knowledge that it is equally as stuck in my head right now.... lol

I was looking over my feedjit roll yesterday, and I was rather surprised at all the people who seem to have stopped by recently.  I routinely have moments of awe when I see that someone from Australia or the UK googled or yahoo'ed something and my little ole blog popped up in their search....  even more awe inspiring is that they clicked on it and read it.... 

I am especially intrigued when a reader has chosen to land on a post that is more spiritual or biblical in its nature.  I wonder if they leave feeling blessed and informed or thinking that I am a crackpot freak of nature.

That being said.......  if you are reading this....... and you aren't one of the 2 people I pay to read what I write so I feel better about myself....  please leave a note.... say hi, share what made you stop by for a moment and read....  Don't leave me hanging and wondering who you are!!!


  1. I am not paid. However, if I knew this was an option perhaps I would've bartered a bit better upon my choice to "follow".

    This is exciting and intriguing...

  2. Also, yes, thank you. This song has been stuck in my head all day. As well as blistering images of the oh-so-dull Horatio from CSI Miami.


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