Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well this year found us strapped for cash to purchase gifts for the kids. We were fine with that, knowing that our family would receive gifts from other family members who were NOT strapped the way we were. God, however, saw fit to bless us financially right before ( like 2 days ) Christmas. This did allow us to go out and get a few stocking gifts, and some bibles for those that had really, really, really wanted them. It was a blessing to us to hear how they "were the best gift ever". Many thanks to all our family members that showered us all with gifts... we are very grateful.

After the gift part of the day, I started with the cooking. I went to get the turkey out of the fridge in the garage. That is where the fun started. The turkey was still frozen. It had been thawing in the fridge since SUNDAY!!!!!!! I unwrapped it... not too worried that we would still be able to cook it just fine. I tried to take out the little absorbent pad they had placed in there. Half came out, half stayed in the turkey. With visions of melted plastic,and a ruined meal, I begin in vain to get this brown pad out of the turkey's butt.

First, I try to get the turkey wet with warm water. This happened to be a precooked turkey, so when I got it wet, the skin started to fall off. That was beyond disgusting, so I stopped. I thought couldn't microwave it to thaw it because there was a metal hook where the legs were held together.... rapidly running out of options, I ask Jody for help. He had been out of the house for my water trick and he suggested that I get it wet and when that part was warm it out come out... I explain the whole skin falling off thing.... he then suggests the microwave to thaw it. I roll my eyes, and point to the large metal hook. He, in his frustration of being asked to solve a problem and having me shoot all his ideas out of the water,..... very tersely and sarcastically suggests " you could always stick a hair dryer up it's butt"

SO.... with nothing to lose, I went and got the hair dryer.

When I got back from the bathroom, he looked at me and rolled his eyes..... as if to say... I was JOKING!

He, valiant husband that he is, stood in the kitchen, for 45 minutes, blowing hot air from the hair dryer on the butt of a turkey, so we didn't have to eat turkey flavored with melted plastic. Yet another reason why I LOVE that man.

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  1. God is SO GOOD. This year we were blessed (I was given a Christmas bonus) to be able to fill most of the wish lists and some extra's for H, J & you guys. I was truly lead to do so.

    I would have PAID to see a video of you guys, the hair dryer, and the turkey. LOVE IT! You do have a wonderful man there!


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