Monday, December 14, 2009

a good day

Today was a good day...
Nothing spectacular as far as day's go... just a good day.

It started with hugs and kisses from Jeremiah, as he sat up in bed and said "Mommy, I waked up!"

Then came Hunter who hacked and wheezed and coughed his good morning to me. I was less than pleased with the whole germ sharing part.

Tay and Ev got up and then we ( which means ME ) decided to go and shovel off Grammie's walkway and driveway, and make sure it had snow-melt on it, so she could get to her car. This went over well considering i expected to hear lots of complaints.... when in actuality, they almost fought over who got to shovel the snow.

We went to Burger King... and had a late lunch so we wouldn't be starving when we went to the grocery store. We will lightly skip over the part where Jeremiah nearly fell out of the play structure, and gave himself the scare of his life... and the part where Hunter whilst trying to climb the same portion of the structure, whacked his knee so hard he had to be carried out by both his brother and sister. That portion of the day was just par for the course, when you have 3 boys.

We get to the store, and Tay served as the engine to Hunter the race car driver and his passenger Jeremiah, while Ev actually HELPED me shop. Everyone bagged the groceries when we were done, and we were out of the store in record time.

The day ended with dinner around the table....and the kids retiring to the couch to play video games.

Just another regular good day.... one where i don't think i heard them argue all day....ahhh

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