Saturday, December 12, 2009


The last few days here have been "normal". Whatever that means for this family of 6.
The kids are back in the swing of things with their friends in Youth Group, they are working hard on their upcoming chimes performance ( in which Tayler will have a flute solo ), and practicing for the Sunday School Christmas play ( in which Tayler will have another flute solo, and Evan will sing a duet with one of his friends )... then there is the Cantata.... where the 3 of us will be singing....

It always seems to me that this time of year is such a blur. We gear up for the holidays....... and then sort of collapse on January 1st.... resolving that next year we will not schedule so much....

I really want my kids to recall the Christmas season as a time for family... to relax and enjoy relationships with friends.... catch up on old news.... and honor Jesus, because without his birth... would we really have any hope?

I don't know if i succeed in getting that message across to the kids, or to those that visit our home.... maybe we are just as busy as every other family in America, and it all gets lost in the shuffle.... We will have to wait and see, i guess, what they tell their kids about how they remember Christmas... whether they only remember all the hustle and bustle... or if they remember it as quiet and calm.

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