Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the RipStik

Yesterday, Hunter was trying to ride his RipStik.  For those of you who have no clue what it is.....It is this small wheeled death contraption that looks like this:

It is like a skateboard, but the middle section moves, and the wheels are not fixed, they are on casters, so they wiggle, and the top wiggles.... and you sort of ride it like a surf board...... like I said, it is a wheeled contraption of death.     Hunter's looks like the red one, but we have one that is like the top blue one too.  Anyway..... he comes in from outside all upset that he can't ride it.  Convinced that he will NEVER be able to turn on it, and if he cant turn, then how can he POSSIBLY ever learn to ride it right.....  If you know Hunter, you can hear the drama in his voice.... the almost whine..... sure that then next moment he will just flop in a heap of sighs to the floor.

He is incredibly dramatic.

I looked at him and told him sure you will be able to ride it.  You know why? because you will keep trying and trying and practicing until you figure it out.  You didn't learn to walk in one day, and you didn't learn to read in one day.  The RipStik is going to take practice too.

He looked at me with a look in his eye that said he wasn't quite convinced that anything I had just said was indeed true or worthy of remembering.... but he went back outside to practice anyway.

Later that afternoon he came RUNNING into the house, EXTREMELY excited.  "MOMMY! MOMMY! guess WHAT???? I can turn on my RipStik!!!!"  I smile at him and tell him, see I knew you could do it!
Then as he walks out of the kitchen, he softly says, " and you know why I could do it mommy?  cuz you encouraged me that one time".  And he walked away, to go and play some more.

You never know how what you do or say in a day will affect someone.  Make sure your words are ones that leave a good impression.


  1. maybe it's the extra estrogen "talking" but that made me cry! love ya hunter- thanks for encouraging me with my Eli.


  2. Oh my starz! That thing looks skeery!!!

    Moral of the story- AWESOME!


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