Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Michele

This year is the milestone birthday year for a bunch of us at church....  The first one to fall was Kristen, then Joan, then me, and now, today we have our dear Michele....  At least when we hit the big 4-0 it wasn't alone... we had some friends to drag with us. :)

I treasure my friendship with Michele.  She is wonderful woman with a servant's heart.  A jewel in Christ's crown, bringing Him glory by her service.

In our house she goes by many names....  and her names help describe what she means to each of us.

Evan, and especially Tayler, call her Mrs. Woodsy.  She and her husband Cliff serve in the youth group at church.  They care for, listen to, and pray for these kids that are learning who they are in Christ, and how to live out a life for Him every day.  She is there fixing food for youth events, spending hours cutting little teeny tiny letters out on her Cricut, to decorate the youth room.  Waiting for the last kids to get picked up....  Always ready with a smile and a hug.

Hunter, he calls her Mrs Woods.  Always with a nonchalant head nod.  You see, she is Brandon's mom, and Brandon is nice to Hunter and picks him to be on his airsoft team.  So he nods to communicate his respect to a mom who has such a cool kid.

Jeremiah, he calls her Missuths Woodths.  He always asks her where her dad is.  ( he is confused between Husband and dad sometimes...)  He knows her as a great hugger, story reader, and happy face in the Nursery.  She serves there, hugging and loving on other people's babies so they can be in service.

To me, she is a friend.  A quiet cheerleader in my corner.  I know she prays for me, and those prayers have meant the world to me when you think sometimes you are all alone.  We have laughed together at ladies retreats, we have cried together over hurts, and we have rejoiced together as we have seen God change lives. 

So, Happy Birthday friend.  I hope God allows us to celebrate many more together.

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