Saturday, April 2, 2011

How do I get them to help?

Saturday morning dawns....
I am tired...

my limbs feel like lead.

I really really wanna stay in bed.

But alas.........  there are commitments to I will drag myself into the shower and pray that hubby will make the coffee.....  (He did.  He loves me.)

Now I sit here in front of my computer screen taking inventory over this past week.

I am struck by the thought that I haven't spent hardly any time IN.... really IN the Word.  Shame on me.  I need to work on really purposing a time to spend reading God's Word.

Sometimes I feel like I get absolutely nothing accomplished....  my house is a disaster.... ask Chera if you don't believe me, she was just here last night....  it looks like a tornado ripped through the kitchen.

Spring seems to be a difficult time management part of the year for me.  The weather warms up and the activities that all the kids have go from a trickle to a torrent.  I am not home during my normal dinner prep time, and we eat later.... dishes don't seem to get done... laundry piles up because we are gone and busy....  clutter piles accumulate because we move in and out of the house, and just dump things when we come in.  It really makes me crazy.

We talk about cleaning. We schedule cleaning.... yet I still have this chaos swirling through the house.  I am not sure how to  actually execute the cleaning....
I mean, I know how to clean, and I am the only one who does (aside from Tayler in the hall bath) ....  it is the kids I want to assist in the execution......I remind, I schedule, I make calendars, I remind, I try to extend grace and not flip out and scream and run through the house throwing things at the people they belong to... and on some days..... that is really what I would like to do!!!  .... I remind some more......

Yet the initiative doesn't seem to be there.  They are content to walk around the suit coat they left on the chair for a week.  They are fine to step over the sippy cup.....

Can you tell I am at my whit's end?

Anybody got some thoughts?  Maybe If I tell them I can't drive them to their activities, because I have to clean the house.....  That might start to get their attention..........

Let me know what you think might work.....I'm desperate.


  1. Oh My !!! I just spent about 45 minutes composing a comment and went I tried to post it gave an error message and erased my comment!! Sorry, love, but I can't write it out again right now :(

    Much love to you my friend!

  2. Ohhhh... but for the record... I didn't think your home looked like a disater- in fact I didn't even notice!

  3. oh great..... now I'll never know..... I will try not to die of curiosity......

  4. When my kids had all that activity going on- I made them get up early to get their chores done at home (first priority) over any activities. And, my rule is- and you can verify with Ev & Tay- as long as the area's we all have to be in are good- I really don't care what their rooms look like, and they must do their own laundry- when they run out of underwear- too bad so sad- shoulda done it. I know I'm a hard a$$, but that's what turned my kids into clean freaks..LOL


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