Monday, April 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday 4.25.11 ~ dryers and derriere's

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

So there I was head first into the dryer scraping off the 2 inch wide swath of calcified bubble gum off the drum....... and if my head was "in there".... you know my derrière was all "out there" for everyone to see....

My husband walks up to the laundry room door and starts talking....
It sounds like *wa, wahwah, wha, what, wah*
I  rearrange my knees, reposition my torso in such a manner so that I can extricate my head, and not crumple the dryer door.........lean out so that my left ear is able to hear him and exasperatedly say... WHAT!??

He just stopped by to inform me that the spot price for Silver has gone up 14 dollars.  It is now $46 an ounce.

Seriously?  I had to extricate myself out of the dryer, and end my quest to de-throne the gum.....

................for THAT??????????????

I really do love my husband. 
and yes he knew he was going to be blog material.

Had a surprise phone call from a dear friend last night.
It has been far too long since our last chat......
God willing, there will be more frequent communication.

I miss her.

little boys with freckle kissed noses that come up in the middle of the day for big hugs
because they are "jus wuvvin ya mom"
are simply gifts from God.

its raining today.
fire in the fireplace........ check
big mug 'o coffee.....  check
slippers....... check
reading out loud to the kids day........ check.

 ~  julie

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