Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gratituesday~ Storms

In the ebb and flow of life there are many times I have felt as though I was adrift in a rubber life raft in the middle of an angry churning sea.  There is an uneasiness as you crest a wave.... only to be hurled down the other side.... praying constantly for the weather to clear, and calmness to reign once more.  You start to feel like your little life raft might not make it...

The last few years have been this way.... crisis, calm, crisis calm...  through illness, death, upheaval, hurt.... the emotions come in hard and fast..... and threaten to overtake me.

I am grateful for all these upsets, and change....  because they have drawn me in closer to my Lord.  I am learning that the waves aren't what I am supposed to be focusing on.  I need to keep my eye on the lighthouse.... the steady beam that is safety and consistence.

Now, it is calm, and I am thankful for the calm....  But I am learning, learning to be thankful for the storms too.

I'm linking up to HeavenlyHomemakers.

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  1. And yet another post on blogger that I NEEDED today. God is good!


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