Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A List of Little Things

Today, just a list. A list of some of the many things I am thankful for:

The sound of the alarm clock going off, it means my husband has a job, and is able to provide for his family.

The sound of his groan, cover flip, shuffle, exhale, scratch, scratch, and return shuffle back to bed for another 5 min.... It says his wife is more inviting than the office.

The pitter patter, or sort of a thump shuffle of Jeremiahs feet, as he travels from his own room to ours at an inhuman hour of the morning.

The silent stare of a sleepy child, 2 centimeters from your face, patiently waiting for you to crack an eyelid and ask them "What..?"

Quiet whispers, spoken to a soft kitty, that is somehow much more tolerant of a 3 year old at 6 am.

Those little icy toes, as they search for a warm spot in the small of your back.

A husband who braves the cold of the house before me, to turn on the heater, make coffee, bring it to me in bed...... and best of all, to pray with me and start our day.

I'm linking up to Heavenly Homemakers.

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