Saturday, January 15, 2011

One Liners.....

I am using Our Daily Bread as a devotional this year...I enjoy it for several reasons. One; there is a 'read the Bible in a year' plan in the front.... and I am doing my best to keep up with that...  Two; there are some humdinger one liners at the bottom of the pages... Three; Reading the Scripture, and the way the journal is set up, I remember and am able to apply what I just read throughout the day.

I will share a few,  see if they hit you square between the eyes as they have me.

~ God speaks to those who take time to listen, and He listens to those who take time to pray.

~ Our greatest strength is often shown in our ability to stand still and trust God.

~ Christ was broken for is to comfort the broken among us.

~ At the heart of all conflict is a selfish heart.

~ A passion for Jesus should become a passion for telling others about Jesus.

~ "God pursues us in our restlessness, receives us in our sinfulness, holds us in our brokenness." -Scotty Smith.


  1. So, how do I get this big red mark off my forehead?

  2. not sure yet.... mine is still there... :)


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