Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Hunter

On a Thursday in September....  8 years ago.... someone amazing literally FLEW into the world to greet us.

We didn't know his name yet.... only that we would not be calling him in the real world, what we called him while he was a belly dweller....  No child deserves the torture that would come with the name Homer.  It took us 7 days to finally decide on his name.... but it suits him.... he really does hunt stuff.... and that stuff usually ends up in my washing machine....

He was one month early.... and the smallest child, at birth, out of the 4. 

As he has grown, we have come to appreciate the unique way he looks at life.  It is all an adventure, and it is all there for him to explore.  He makes us laugh out loud, LOTS....  and he keeps us humble. 

He has a servant's heart for the Lord at an early age, and my prayer is that he will never lose it.  If you were to listen to him pray, you would say he is destined for the ministry.... an ordained minister's got nothin' on this kid.

never quite seen a toe separator used as braces before.......

Exploring at Half Moon Bay.... on a quest for muscles I believe

See how strong I am?  I can hold up the Bay Bridge with just one finger!

I am all boy, I love camo.  I believe all camo coordinates no matter if one is grey and one is green.  I don't listen to my mom when she tells me they don't match.... I love camo, and I wear it anyway.

I like to learn and I think that flowers are pretty, but if you think I am a sissy, refer back to the previous picture...... and remember, I know how to shoot a gun. ( at least a bb gun. )

I have quite possibly the worlds most active imagination.  I have war games and battle scenarios competing for my attention at all times......

Happy Birthday bud.  Can't wait to see what the next year will bring...
Love Mom and Dad.

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