Friday, September 17, 2010

The little things

It is the millions of little things that make up a day. Little moments in time, that are laughed at or cried over, and weave themselves into the fabric of our memories, constructing who we are, or who we will become.

Here is a snapshot into my day yesterday, all these little moments.... at made 24 hours.

I went to do my hair. I am allowed to do that at least once a week. Really I am.  the rest of time, I am lucky if it gets WASHED.
When I was done I went to look for the boys.  They had escaped into the backyard, again.  Not really a bad thing, except that Jeremiah was clad in only his Nemo underwear, and he was digging a hole in the yard, in full view of the neighbors, and anyone who drove by.  One day, a social worker is going to show up and talk to me about his "nakedness", I just know it.
After herding the boys through the house, and to the shower... because we can NOT go to the dentist with a hair full of dirt.  I really will get the social worker visit then....
We find a cricket in the bathroom.  The conversation went a little like this:
Jeremiah:  "Wookit mommy!... wat's dat?"
Mommy: "It is a cricket Jeremiah."  said with a calmness that carefully concealed the full body shiver that I was having from looking at the little black creature.
Hunter: "oh cool!  a baby cricket!"
Mommy: " yes, a baby cricket." I then take the corner of the bathmat nearest the cricket.  Place it over the helpless, nasty bug that dared invade my bathroom....  and pressed down.
Jeremiah: "awwah... no more twikit."
Mommy: " Yes, Jeremiah, no more twicket. Now get in the shower."
We make it to the dentist. Yes, On-Time.  Despite the unfortunate cricket incident.
Hunter had his tooth taken out.
Fairly routine, except he came out with attitude.  A big one.
We discuss it.
Then proceed to have about 4 more complete meltdowns. 
In the last of the meltdowns and discussions, He prayed.  He was tearfully, sitting in the middle of Mc Donalds, praying his heart out to the Lord, asking Him for forgiveness.  Asking Him for help to not be so upset.  It nearly made me cry at his honest conversation with God.  It was a privilege to watch, and be a part of.
I found a $5 bill in the freezer.  I was tempted to keep it.  I figured someone finally wanted to pay me for all the cooking I do around here.
I found a piece of gum, squished onto a shelf in the refrigerator.  Just as I was reaching to chip it off, and throw it away, Jeremiah comes in and swoops under my arm and in front of me in the fridge.  He grabs the gum ( dum, if he says it. ) and puts it in his mouth.  Before I can screech the NOOOO!!!!!!!!  he pops it back out and sticks it to the shelf again. 
Now I am curious.... I don't say anything, I just cock my head and look at him like " What was that about?"
He looks up and tells me, "I whill weave it here to det fweezed."
"Fweezed?", I ask.
"Yeah, fweezed. Mom tan I have anoder ban-illa?" ( this is code for vanilla yogurt)
"Yes you can. And don't put your dum in the fridge, k?"
"Otay mom."
He's weird.  What can I say.  I guess he figured that we keep things fresh in the fridge, it would keep is gum fresh too....
" MOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!  Jeremiah turned the movie to Spanish!"
"He turned it to SPANISH!"
I get up and walk into the living room to see what in the WORLD he is talking about....
I will have to admit, there was something absolutely hysterical about hearing the vultures in Jungle Book say "ey Chistoso.... "  It made me laugh. 
I looked at Jeremiah and asked him what remote he used to change the language.  He just stared at me. He was going to be no help at all.
Checked the TV first... nope still English
Checked the PS2....  nope still English....  Checked that one three different times actually, because I didn't think you could change the language anywhere else.
Asked Jeremiah again.  What did you do? 
............. still the stare.....this time with a shrug thrown in....... still no help.
Checked the TV again. Twice. Nope.
Checked the PS2 for a 4th 5th and 6th time.  Nope.
Accidentally turned the movie off.  Menu came up. Movie was still in Spanish.
In a moment of brilliance, and nearly 15 minutes since someone yelled MOOOOOMMMMM!  I realized he somehow changed it in the menu of the movie.
Fixed it.
Crisis averted.

It isn't boring here.
At all.


  1. Hunter just humbles me. Man, what we can learn from kids!

    And, Tay has been hand feeding 'twitets' to our beardies! Are you skeeved out? LOL

    I can't tell you how many times I've tried to figure out how to change the 'language' back to English on a movie- French is the most hilarious!

  2. nah.. not skeeved out. I just don't like twickets where they can climb on me unnanounced. And in a bathroom where it was trying to hide under the mat... lurking, waiting for the perfect time to pounce... and could hop on my leg,... he had to die.

    In my hand... where I could see 'em... I could probably tolerate that.

  3. I don't know what was funnier...the $5, the gum, the Spanish, or you typing the kid-accent!


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