Tuesday, September 21, 2010

overheard last night

I know these things have to happen in your house too...
they just have to...

I can't be the only one.....

Overheard last night as I was preparing dinner.............

(flush, panicked footsteps.... the ripping open of the bathroom door in a frenzy...)
"DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  my poop clogged the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(hurried, purposeful footsteps of my husband to the bathroom.... sounds of plunger being called into service)
(nervously.... as the water level approaches critical mass.) " ooohhhhh nooooo....  towels! TOWELS!"

(calmly from the father to the son...)  " Hunter, if I needed towels I would have asked you to get them."
(calmly from son to father....) "oh."

(in a tone of voice expressing awe at a job well done..) " wow, it didn't overflow.  That's a dependable plunger..."

( joyful skipping down the hallway by son, glad that a crisis he nearly caused has been averted.)

(large sigh from the bathroom...)  " Hunter!.....  come get your car, your marble, and your trophies out of the bathroom...."

(Laugh from mom in the kitchen.)  Really?  I don't even want to know why all that was in there with him.

not at all.


  1. Ahhhh yes- my young son is the Prince, because I now know that Bryan is the King of the Charmit. You know-where they wrap the TP around their hands until it looks like the little hamburger helper guy? Fortunately, now- I don't hear yelling- they just plunge for themselves! LOL

  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha........ that is too funny! =)

  3. This brings back so many memories of narrowly escaping overflow.... between me and dad... the sign of relief means so many things. You no longer have to run for towels... nor get contaminated, or have to do laundry.

    Remember when Hunter left an arm in the big white throne?

    Lisa... our dad did the same thing.. round and round the hand it went, so neat and tidy for him I think it was a lost art form.


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