Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Mothers and McDonalds

I sat in Mc Donalds for hours today, not because I particularly adore Mc Donalds ( or Mick- up Donalds if you are Jeremiah), but because it was raining and I have two very wiggly boys who desperately needed to run and climb on something beside each other and my furniture.  Hanging at Micky D's was purely a choice based on my personal desire to remain sane and at the same time, let both boys live until dinner.  I like to people watch,(it helps pass the time...), so anyone sitting near me is fair game.

Today, one of the first things I noticed as I was people watching, was the two types of moms that were joining me in their escape from the rain.

Type one:  She is petite and always dressed matchy matchy.... you know the kind.... the one where her cleaning the house clothes even are cute, and clean.  Her kids are also color coordinated, bow coordinated, sock and shoe coordinated, I have even seen the car seat and pacifier coordinated ( reallY???).  It seems to me that life for these moms is contained in their adorable polka dotted (and matching) hand and diaper bags.  Everything super cute and tidy.

And then.......there is the rest of us, which for the record there were more of ( this causes me to wonder if the first type of mom is more of a genetic hiccup or something) 

I digress........

The rest of us were wearing sweater or sweat shirts.  Something no self respecting type one mom would ever even OWN let alone walk out of the house wearing. A few of us even had on a baseball hat to cover a wickedly bad hair day.  I also found it interesting that all of the rest of us were wearing some variation of flip flop.  Despite the rain.  It was as if we were all not quite ready to give up on summer.  The likely reality of it was that we ran around all morning barefoot doing chores, and the flip flops were the first matching set of shoes we found before we ran out of the door.

In the ebb and flow of the hours I was there, there was always one or more of these two types of mom in the playland.  Type one mom's were always looking a little up tight, and the rest of us were tuning out all the screaming the kids were doing..... not to mention the screaming that type one was doing to her kids to get them to quit screaming. (go figure....)

So yeah... that is what I do when I am sitting alone, letting the boys run wild in Mc Donalds.  Sort out the types of moms.....  weird, I know.... but hey, someones got to do it.

OH>>>>>> if you are a type one mom....  I don't mean to sound like I am picking on you.  I am not.  I don't even know you.  But some of your girl friends were having a bad day up at my Mc Donalds......

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  1. the type A moms go to chick-fil-a too. it is FUNNY!!! I like to watch them prance around and screech. Me and my flip flops.


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