Monday, September 13, 2010

Reasons 1 thru 5

 I do not take any responsibility for this idea at all....

I am in fact blatantly stealing the idea from another facebook friend, who stole it from someone else.... so I guess in the land of public domain.... all's fair in the reusing of ideas...

My friend started posting to her facebook status... all the reasons that she loves her husband.  I have started doing it with Big Daddy, by leaving him notes,hidden in his lunch box or car, even texting him reasons through out the day...  I figure their might be some wives out there who need some ideas on how to show their husband's how much they love and appreciate them....  All those little things we did when we were courting tend to get lost in the shuffle of school, work, homework, church meetings, sick kids, soccer practice, cooking dinner, and laundry....  I assure you, that a little time invested in actually TELLING your husband, the ways he has positively impacted your day.... will REVOLUTIONIZE your marriage.  Don't do it, if you expect anything in return.... do it just because you love him, and want him to know.

So here we go... I am going to post the first 5 Reasons I have already given to my husband.... and who knows, I might post more in the future....

Reason #1:
You caught my vision for some storage under the microwave.  You went to the store, and bought the curtain for it all by yourself.... then set to work fixing an old worn out dowel, and hanging it under the shelf....  It was a sweet token of you wanting to make something special for me.  You earn bonus points because: it matched the kitchen!

Reason #2:
You have the courage to work through issues for God's glory.  Even messy, not fun at all issues.....Your desire to do things God's way, makes you my hero, and my point man.  I will gladly follow you anywhere.

Reason #3:
You make me coffee in the morning.... and you tiptoe into the room with it in the morning.  It is a very cute sight to see......This shows me your tender, loving kindness.

Reason #4:
You fix my truck.  You will stay up late the night before a trip, just to make sure there is oil and fluid in all the right places.  I see your unselfishness in gestures like these.  You want me to be safe, above wanting to sleep.  Thank you for your servant hearted model.

Reason #5:
You take good care of me when I am sick.  You let me rest, and watch the boys.  You check in on me while I am sleeping.  You wash the dishes so there isn't a pile for me when I feel better....You fix me meals and bring them to me in bed.  You put Carmex on my dry cracked lips and make sure I drink plenty of water....

Now.... take this idea.... steal it.... tweak it, change it.... but above all USE it.... and see what great things you can thank your Husband for!

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  1. I love this! I started this kinda of 'project' after I watched Fireproof. You have a good man there!


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