Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jeremiah the alarm clock

I have decided that we no longer need an alarm clock.  It is a waste of electricity, and frankly they are easy to ignore.

Why would I need an alarm clock when I have a perfectly healthy, 3 year old willing to do the job?

He is routinely up before 7 am.  Like at 4 am.  So really I don't see the need to set an alarm for 6 am.  I am already awake.

This morning, he shuffles, sleepily into our room....this time it was just after 7 am..... and moans a hello....  It is overcast outside, so I try to seize the opportunity to convince him it is still sleep time, by telling him that even the sun isn't up yet.  Coaxing and cajoling him to climb up into the recently vacated yet still warm covers of mommy~daddy bed.  He climbs in, and snuggles under the covers....  but he clearly has no intention of returning to the land of slumber.... because.......

In perfect 3 year old logic, he tells me it is indeed time to be up.  He heard da wooster.

I am desperate to get him to sleep for a while longer, so maybe I can do something important like..I don't know...... shower?!?  So I counter with how can the wooster be up if he hasn't seen the sun yet? ( yes I did indeed say wooster... I can't help it.  some of the words he says are contagious.)

I gave up when he responded with....  " mom, da wooster, da one dat wates up da sun.....it doesn't doe to sweep."

Far be it from me to argue with logic like that.  I went and made breakfast.

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